Editorial Policy

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How do we make money?

Our services are free for our readers. We do not accept compensation in return for favorable reviews. Our operating costs are covered by:


  • One source of revenue is from our advertisers. These are businesses that are interested in telling you about products or services that you might like for yourself or for your loved one. You may see advertisements on our web pages, in e-mail newsletters, and, occasionally, in special e-mail messages from DailyCaring.com sent on behalf of our partners.
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Affiliate sales

  • We use affiliate links on DailyCaring.com. This means that in some cases when we link to Amazon.com or other online retailers, we get paid a commission for referred sales. Meaning, if you click one of these affiliate links and make a purchase, the retailer gives us a cut of that sale. We never write articles and insert affiliate links for the sole reason of earning a commission. If we link to an online retailer, it’s because we legitimately believe their product can benefit our readers. However, not all outbound product links are affiliate links.